Mary Davey

I'm a Christian Asperger woman. I suppose I should say I identify as Christian because that's a decision I took.  I've been Asperger all my life, although for most of my life I didn't know I was, and I was diagnosed late in life. Similarly I have been female for a long time but didn't know I was, and again "diagnosed" late in life.

I'm very active in my church, where I'm one of the enthusiastic women. They know I'm trans but nearly all the time it's not relevant.

I convene the Oxford Asperger Women's Group. Again, they know I'm trans but it's not relevant.

This is the way I like to work for trans acceptance - by just being a cheerful and helpful woman who happens to have a rather unusual medical history that isn't really relevant.

One of the places I volunteer is an LGBT+ helpline which is getting an increasing number of trans* related calls. I would like to increase my level of involvement in this sort of work, and concentrate more on T than LGB.